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The importance of boundaries

Often we find ourselves in situations or amongst people that leave us feeling drained, frustrated or doubting ourselves. Yet we continue to allow these people and situations to be part of our lives – maybe we feel obliged because we’ve known them a long term, or we just feel bad saying no and making someone else unhappy. Maybe we feel perversely better about ourselves by being agreeable and making someone else temporarily happier, to the detriment of our own emotional and mental wellbeing. If we continue these patterns however, we start to realise that we’re not truly making choices for […]

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Acceptance of our human experience – embracing difficult emotions

The pursuit of happiness is every individual’s ultimate goal, and every day we are reminded that this is within our control. Whether this is through work, relationships, self-development activities, material possessions or simply changing our mindset, we are taught various ways to increase our happiness levels. Yet despite all this effort, we still feel moments of grief, fear, anger, loneliness, jealousy and lack of fulfilment. What can we do about these negative feelings? Because we’re self-sufficient and successful in our working lives, we are frustrated with ourselves for having emotional responses to situations that shouldn’t affect us. Why aren’t we […]

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Seven ways to cut out the crap and start living the life you deserve

Often we feel stuck in our lives yet also paralysed in making change. We’re influenced by so many factors around us, both external and internal, and we often have no idea what we want in life and what truly fulfils us. Here are seven things I wish I’d appreciated (and implemented) earlier, to cut out the crap in my life and bring me closer to my own personal truths: 1. Clean up your environment. Your external environment and particularly your home, is a reflection of your inner self. Where there is internal chaos, this often manifests into messiness, untidiness, generally […]

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