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A chef’s journey: an interview with Julie Thai

Enjoying food is a universal joy. Below is the story of Julie Thai, a chef and food blogger. Julie is a 32 year old Chinese-Vietnamese born Australian. She has lived all her life in Australia and is the first generation of her family to be born here. I asked Julie about how and when she started working as a chef, and why she is so passionate about food. “Sharing food, cooking food for other people, it brings enjoyment, the satisfaction and the appreciation that you receive is very rewarding. It’s a simple thing that you enjoy in life… that you […]

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What hobbies can bring to our lives

Ever since I was young, my parents encouraged us to take up hobbies. Being quite traditional Asian parents, these hobbies included reading, playing piano, swimming and table tennis. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of hobbies and the value that they can bring to our lives. Over recent years, I’ve dabbled in a number of additional hobbies, including painting, martial arts, yoga and most recently dancing, all of which have added tremendous value to my life. Whilst (almost) everyone needs to study or work in order to sustain themselves, what they choose to do in their […]

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Why empowering women is important

What is empowerment? Empowerment (as defined by Wikipedia) refers to an increase in autonomy and self-determination, and is – the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Chiara ToChiara is the founder of CIIARA. A French-born Vietnamese living in Melbourne. Passionate about dance, fashion and social change.

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