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The importance of boundaries

Often we find ourselves in situations or amongst people that leave us feeling drained, frustrated or doubting ourselves. Yet we continue to allow these people and situations to be part of our lives – maybe we feel obliged because we’ve known them a long term, or we just feel bad saying no and making someone else unhappy. Maybe we feel perversely better about ourselves by being agreeable and making someone else temporarily happier, to the detriment of our own emotional and mental wellbeing. If we continue these patterns however, we start to realise that we’re not truly making choices for […]

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Dealing with judgement

No matter what we do in life, we will always encounter positive and negative feedback. Sometimes this feedback comes from a place of love and in knowing this, we can accept and even embrace it to help improve ourselves. But often, this feedback comes not because someone cares about us – but in the form of judgement. Why does this happen and what can we do about it? The act of judgement is about questioning the moral intentions of another person – showing (or convincing oneself) that one’s views and intrinsic value are greater than another’s. We should note that […]

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How do we know if a choice is right for us?

Every day we make choices, from the moment we wake up until we’re back in bed again. Most choices are automatic, like our alarm clock setting, what we eat for lunch or dinner, or how we get to work. But sometimes, we’re faced with a difficult situation and suddenly we’re not sure what the right choice is. What’s our next career move? Should we be more serious with the person we’re dating? Is it time to move places? We call our mum, sister or friend for advice, talk about all the pros and cons and at the end of it […]

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