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A guest post by Mariah MacInnes

As a female, nothing is impossible. But what makes things impossible? The self-talk you tell yourself, the label you give yourself that makes you “not good enough”. 

So how do you make yourself “good enough”? It is that part of your body that controls everything you do, yep your brain. 

Your brain is telling you what you can and can’t do. So how do you switch it off? 

You don’t, you just re-educate. 

So we have put together some practices you can do to help retrain that brain so you can care for yourself more, love yourself more and achieve what you thought was impossible. 


The art of meditation will teach you to be in the present moment. When you are in the present moment, it will help you to identify when you doubt yourself and when you need to be inspired to achieve the ‘impossible’.

When it comes to meditation, you need to remember this is a practice, and there is no such thing as “being good or bad” at meditating. Do it daily, shut your mind off and just be in the moment. Use guided meditations to help you! 


Writing down your goals and writing down your thoughts is a great way to re-educate your brain to think with a different mindset. 

In your journal, you can write anything from your “best day ever” visual to those words of empowerment no one else gives you. 

Some people use journaling to help with their self-doubts by writing them down on paper and using their own mind to argue with the bad self-talk. It is an excellent way to show yourself that all those negative things you tell yourself are false. 

Use journaling to power the mind, to channel your dreams and to boost your energy. 
Search journaling prompts to help you get started! Or try this one….
“If I had no fears or limitations, what would I be doing to achieve my goals.” 


Of course, we know exercise releases that positive energy! But do we exercise enough?? Think about the types of exercise you enjoy and form a routine around that! Your form of exercise could be a few dance classes a week. 

Hold yourself accountable by buying some new activewear or by getting a gym partner!! 

Start off 2020 not with the resolution to exercise more. But with the goal to “go to the gym four days a week” or “walk for 45 minutes 3 times a week”. Hold yourself to measurable goals. 

When you exercise, you will not only be amazed at the level of energy you have to achieve your goals, but your body will inspire you as it can accomplish anything when it needs to. 


Kind words, take care of you by telling yourself nice things. Set the alarm on your phone with a beautiful affirmation you must say to yourself or write them down daily. 
Maybe you record these nice words and play them on your way to work. 

Make sure you really mean what you are saying, tell yourself deep from the bottom of your heart. Make them relevant to your goals. 


Self-care is all about doing the hard work on yourself to develop mentally and physically. But it is also about rewarding yourself too. 

Enjoy a bath daily, burn your favourite candle every Sunday to set up your week or buy yourself flowers when you need to feel inspired. 

Make a list of those “treats” that help you feel good about yourself and will also help you to relax and feel motivated. 

If you are working towards a goal, you also need those times to relax and unwind. These are also good times to reflect and be proud of yourself. 

Combine to make a routine 

When it comes to self-care, it is always good to make a routine. Choose what works best for you and make yourself a plan to follow. When it comes to achieving your highest goal, use the types of self-care methods to inspire and motivate you to continue on. 

This could be journaling about your future self achieving your goals, or using your relaxing bath time to visualise the process of you reaching your goals. 

Make a routine, give yourself some accountability and start filling your life with that positive energy so you can set yourself up for ultimate greatness.  

  1. How would you advise women out there who are on their first steps towards having a more positive relationship with the self? How can we empower ourselves? Ciara: I think it starts with internalising the idea that if you’re not kind to yourself, you won’t have any capacity to be kind to the people around you. You can only give out what you put in. Being kind to yourself starts with the idea that you can only do your best, and your best is enough. “Best” in this context means what is within your control.

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