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Why people fear your success and secretly love to see you fail

Years ago I completed a pharmacy degree in Adelaide and started my career as a pharmacist in retail pharmacy. Whilst this was a completely respectable job, I realised quite early on that it wasn’t suited to me as someone who thrived on career progression, dynamic environments and working within flexible conditions. Not to say that this isn’t possible as a pharmacist, but I found the conditions restrictive for me compared to other vocations, with wages not growing, daily tasks often becoming monotonous over time, and with limited growth opportunities, particularly within the retail environment. So I embarked early on with […]

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Open up: Communicating hard things to people we love

We all have had a moment when we want to say something difficult to somebody we love but we doubt whether to open the Pandora’s box or avoid a confrontation. Especially with people we love and care about, it can be quite frightening. We are afraid that we might upset their feelings, hurt the relationship and scar something precious to us for life. However, an open communication is one of the main characteristics of a healthy relationship. Opening up to say things that hurt us, worry us, concern us or make us feel heavy is needed to live an open […]

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Defining success

What does success look like and how do we know when we’ve made it? So often we keep chasing goals yet once we reach them, we realise that we’re not any more fulfilled than we were before. So how do we define success? When we think about the word success, the first themes that come to mind are often relating to money, work, power, fame, beauty and material achievements. But what is the foundation for these commonly presented views of success? As often stated by the Dalai Lama, the true goal that each of us seeks is to find happiness. […]

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